Apply for a mineral title

Information you will need

To get a mineral title in the Northern Territory (NT), you must be able to prove you have the technical skills and financial resources to undertake the proposed exploration work program or develop any proposed mine.

You will also need to provide a range of supporting information and documents as outlined below.

Minerals being sought

You will need to provide details of what minerals you want to explore for, extract or mine, and your rationale.

Application area and land owner details

You will need to provide information about the area of land you are applying for including all of the following:

  • the size of the area in number of graticular blocks or hectares, depending on the type of mineral title you are applying for
  • a description of the area 
  • a map clearly showing the area being applied for, including boundaries of land holdings and geographical features
  • names and addresses of every owner or occupier of each piece of land your application covers
  • other information that may be asked for, to provide a more detailed picture of your plans.

If your application covers land that is affected by native title, you may also need to supply details of all native title holders, claimants and their representative bodies.

Read about applying for a mineral title on native title land.

Proposed work program

You will need to provide details of a realistic exploration program for the first two years of an exploration licence, including proposed expenditure for each item.

The majority of expenditure should be for field work, with all other costs connected to that work.  

A work program should take into account some or all of the following activities:

  • data research and interpretation
  • geochemical sampling
  • drilling - auger, vacuum, RAB, RC and diamond
  • geophysical survey
  • consultancies
  • analytical testing
  • labour costs
  • camp maintenance
  • fuel and other expenses.

Financial information

You will need to prove you have the financial resources to fund the proposed work program.  

Evidence of financial resources could include copies of some or all of the following documents:

  • most recent audited financial report to the Australian Securities Exchange or, if not a publicly listed company, most recent audited annual accounts
  • bank statement showing cash resources
  • value of government or semi-government bonds, with copy of bond
  • value of listed shares
  • statement from recognised financial institution showing line of credit
  • prospectus of future fund raising
  • statement from accountant of available funds - it must be less than three months old and show the accountant is aware of the proposed amount of expenditure.

Any other exploration or mining interests and commitments you have may be taken into account for this assessment.

Read more about reporting expenditure and expenditure conditions on titles.

Technical skills information

You will need to show you have the technical skills and qualifications available to undertake your proposed work program.

Suitable evidence could include a list of names of anyone, including consultants, providing technical advice, and their qualifications and field of expertise.

Search certificates

You will need to obtain copies of land title certificates for all parcels of land covered by your application. These will give you the names and addresses for each of the landowners.

You can get land title certificates from the Land Titles Office or go to the Integrated Land Information System support page at the NT Land Information System Collaboration Forum website.

The search must be no more than six weeks old at the time of submitting your application and should contain the ‘owners last known address’.

Note: copies of searches or notification documents are not required to be submitted to the department however you must be able to provide a copy, if requested.

Proof of identity

If this is your first application, you will need to provide documents proving your identity like a photocopy of your passport or similar documents.

For a company, a copy of the certificate showing your Australian Company Number is required.

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Last updated: 03 May 2016

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