Apply for a mineral title

How to fill in the form

The application for a mineral title must be made by a legal entity such as an individual, company, registered association or other corporate body. It can't be made in the name of a business or family trust.

Each heading below relates to a section of the form and details the information you need to provide.

Particulars of applicant

Provide the full name, address, contact details and Australian Company Number for each person or entity involved.

Particulars of contact

You can nominate another person or corporation to administer your application.  This contact will then receive all correspondence from the department about the application.

This person or entity will have the authority to undertake all legal processes for the application.

You must provide the name and contact details and include a signed authorisation for this person to act on your behalf. You must tell the department if the contact person changes.

Length of term

You can apply for up to the maximum period allowed for each title as follows:

  • mineral exploration licence (EL) - six years
  • exploration licence in retention (ELR) - five years
  • extractive mineral exploration licence (EMEL) - two years
  • mineral authority (MA) - term decided by government
  • mineral lease (ML) - term decided by government
  • extractive mineral permit (EMP) - five years
  • extractive mineral lease (EML) - 10 years.

Read about titles for exploration. Read about titles for mining.

Particulars of area

You must provide details of the area being applied for. Each type of title has a different maximum area as follows:

  • EL - between four and 250 adjoining graticular blocks
  • ELR - all or part of  your existing EL - must be described in hectares
  • EMEL - up to four graticular blocks
  • MA - determined by whether you want to explore for minerals or extractive minerals
  • ML - no limit
  • EMP - 100 hectares
  • EML - 100 hectares.

Read more about how to describe an area for a title application.

Map of application area

You must include a map that clearly indicates the area being applied for, including boundaries of land holdings and geographical features.

It must be on the GDA94 datum and at a scale that clearly shows which graticular blocks you are applying for.

Landowner details

You need to provide the names and addresses of the owner or occupier of each piece of land your application covers.

You can get this information from the land title searches you have conducted on the Integrated Land Information System (ILIS).

Go to the ILIS support page on the Northern Territory Land Information System Collaboration Forum website for more information.

If your application covers land that is affected by native title, you may also need to supply details of all native title holders, claimants and their representative bodies.

For a full definition of a landowner, you can refer to Section 14 of the Mineral Titles Act 2010.

Documents to attach to your application

The following information must be detailed in separate documents and attached to your application, depending on the type of title you are applying for:

  • mineral or extractive mineral being sought, and your exploration rationale - EL, EMEL or EMP only
  • use of extractive mineral - EMP or EML only
  • proposed work program and expenditure for first and second year - EL or EMEL only
  • summary of proposal to develop or use the mineral deposit - ML only
  • details of available plant and equipment for extraction or rehabiliation work - EMP and EML only
  • details of financial resources
  • details of your technical skills and capacity
  • search certificates issued by the Office of the Registrar-General or printouts from ILIS
  • native title agreements held, if relevant
  • proof of identity - for first time applicants only.

Read more about information you will need for your application.


If you are submitting your application by mail, you or your authorised contact must sign the form. You do not need to sign the form if you are submitting it by email.


Refer to the list of rents and fees to find out how much you must pay.  You must include the application fee and any advertising costs when submitting your application.

You do not need to include advertising costs when you submit an application for a mineral lease or extractive mineral lease, as you will be sent a request for payment for the actual costs later.

Read more about rents, fees and other costs.

For further information email

How to pay

You can use any of the following methods to pay your fees:

  • personal cheques or money orders, made payable to the Receiver of Territory Monies - they must be attached to the application
  • Visa or MasterCard.

Please use your company name as the reference.

EFTPOS and cash payments are only available for applications that are lodged in person.

You cannot make the payment by direct debit for mineral title applications.

How to submit your application

You can submit your completed application to the department by post, fax, mail or by hand:

Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Attn: Director of Mineral Titles
Mineral Titles Division
5th Floor Centrepoint Building
The Mall
Darwin NT 0800
Fax: 08 8981 7106

Department of Primary Industry and Resources
Attn: Director of Mineral Titles
Mineral Titles division
GPO Box 4550
Darwin NT 0801

Fees must be paid by credit card when you email your application. 
There is no need to post the original documents as well.

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Last updated: 07 March 2019


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