After a mineral title has been granted

Surrender, expiry or cancellation of a mineral title

All titles are granted for a certain period of time under the Mineral Titles Act. 


If you are the holder of a mineral title you may decide to surrender all or part of a title at any time after grant. 

You must apply in writing to the department. You do not have to give a reason but the application must be in writing and signed by the appropriate people.

The department will check the application and either accept or refuse it.  

If accepted you will be sent a letter confirming the date the title was surrendered and any requirements that you must complete, such as lodging a final report.

If refused you will need to rectify the reason for refusal. Once the issue has been rectified, you can re-lodge the application for surrender.

If you want to surrender only part of the title area, the remaining area cannot be made up of more than three separate areas. You must submit a final report for any surrendered area. 

Depending on the type of title you may also be required to survey the remaining area.


A mineral title will expire if the titleholder overlooks or chooses not to renew the title at the end of the current granted period.


Your title can be cancelled if the department believes you no longer have the funds to pursue the exploration program, for example, if you or a company did any of the following:

  • applied to appoint a receiver or administrator
  • applied to wind up or liquidate the company
  • applied for bankruptcy.

A mineral title may also be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • failure to pay the annual rent or administration fee or submit reports.
  • failure to nominate blocks for reduction
  • failure to apply for a variation of condition
  • failure to pay late lodgement fees.

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Last updated: 03 May 2016

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