After a mineral title has been granted

How to renew a mineral title

You can renew all mineral titles, other than an extractive mineral exploration licence, more than once.

You must apply for a renewal before the current term expires. This includes paying rent and administration fees for the first year of the renewal and providing the required supporting information.

The title will lapse if you don't submit a renewal application before the end of its term.

Each type of title can be renewed for a different length of time, as shown in the table below.

Get the forms needed to renew a mineral title.

Summary of title renewal terms

Mineral title type Term of renewal
Exploration licence (EL) Up to two years
Exploration licence in retention (ELR) Up to five years
Mineral lease (ML)No maximum term. Term cannot be more than the original granted period.
Extractive mineral exploration licence (EMEL) Not renewable
Extractive mineral permit (EMP)Up to five years. 
Extractive mineral lease (EML)Up to 10 years.  
Mineral authority (MA)Matches the corresponding mineral title

Continuation of mineral title

Once you have applied to renew a title, the existing title remains valid until the department makes a decision about the renewal.

Reduction of title area on exploration licence

You must surrender half the blocks in an exploration area every two years in the initial grant period, including at the first renewal application.

You can apply for an exemption to this rule or for it to be deferred or reduced.

When renewing an exploration licence for the first time, you must either have done the required reduction, or sought an exemption or amendment, before the renewal application will be considered.

Supporting information

What you need to provide will vary, depending on the type of mineral title you want to renew.

You must include all of the information requested on the renewal application form. If you don't provide enough information to support the renewal there may be a delay in the assessment of your application.

Criteria for approval

Your application is assessed on all of the following factors:

  • you have provided all required information
  • you have met all obligations under the Mineral Titles Act
  • your compliance with the conditions on any other titles you hold, if any.


Conditions on a renewed title can change when it is renewed. Read more about condition on mineral titles.


A renewal application will only be processed if the correct rent  for the first year and fees are paid.

Read the list of rent and fees.

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Last updated: 27 September 2019

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