After a mineral title has been granted

Divide or amalgamate a mineral title

This page has information about dividing, amalgamating or cancelling a mineral title. 

Divide a mineral title

If you are the holder of a mineral title you may apply for the title area to be 'divided' into parts to accommodate such things as joint venture arrangements. The Minister may also divide the title area if there is a sound reason eg the creation of a railway or road corridor.

There is no application form but you must make the request in writing. No fees apply.

After division, the existing mineral title number will be retained for one part and new numbers issued for each additional part.

Amalgamate two or more mineral titles

If you hold two or more mineral titles you may apply to amalgamate all or part of these titles into a new mineral title. 

There is no application form but you must make the request in writing. No fees apply.

After amalgamation, a new number will be issued for the replacement mineral title.

Amalgamation of mineral titles on Aboriginal freehold land

The holder of two or more adjoining mineral titles can apply for all or part of these titles to be amalgamated. The Mineral Titles Act does not discriminate between whether these titles are on native title affected land or Aboriginal freehold land. Read the law.

Before the original titles were granted on aboriginal freehold land, the applicants would have entered into a Deed for Exploration with the Land Council for that particular area.

Many of these deeds make provision for future changes to the original titles covered by the deed, such as substitutions or amalgamations of titles, as long as the proposed new title area was a part of the original titles. 

In the past a copy of the deed was provided to the Department of Primary Industry and Resources. This practice is no longer in place, so it is not possible for the department to check if the amalgamation of titles is contemplated in the deed.

So when applying to amalgamate all or part of two or more adjoining title areas over aboriginal freehold land, the title holder must also provide either:

  • evidence from the deed that this action is permitted, such as the definition of what titles are covered by the deed, including future grants or substitutions and so on - this information is normally found under Article 1: Definitions
  • or a letter from the Land Council stating this action is permitted under the deed.

The evidence or letter must accompany the application to amalgamate.

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Last updated: 01 February 2019


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