Land tenure and availability

Mineral reserved land

Under the Mineral Titles Act the government can declare areas of land as reserved which prohibit exploration, extraction and mining.

This may relate to all exploration, extraction and mining or just to a particular activity.

There are two types of reserved land:

  • special reserved land
  • general reserved land.

Special reserved land

All exploration, extraction and mining are prohibited on special reserved land. You can't apply for a mineral title for any part of these areas.

Special reserved land could be declared over areas considered to be of national or international significance.

General reserved land

Land can be declared as general reserved land - which can exclude all exploration, extraction and mining - or declared to allow for specific activities.

Before applying over general reserved land you should contact the department to confirm the area is available for application.

Go to the STRIKE website to view all reserved land.

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Last updated: 23 April 2021

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