Land access for petroleum activities

If you’re a landholder and a company wants to access your land for petroleum activities, you should know your rights.

You have rights over the surface of your property. This means you are eligible for compensation if a petroleum company carries out certain activities on your land.

However, resources that exist below the surface belong to the Crown. This means that the Northern Territory (NT) Government owns all the petroleum royalties.

Read the guide to land access in the NT.

Guide to land access in the NT PDF (883.2 KB)
Guide to land access in the NT DOCX (659.4 KB)

Types of activities

There are different types of petroleum activities a company may want to carry out on your land.

Approvals and requirements

The company must have all relevant approvals under the Petroleum Act 1984 and the Petroleum (Environment) Regulations 2016.

If a petroleum company wants to carry out certain activities on your land, it must reach a land access agreement with you. This is required under the Petroleum Regulations 2020.

More information

To search for petroleum titles or to check if a title exists over your land, go to the spatial territory resource information kit for exploration (STRIKE).

To find information about onshore petroleum activities in the NT, go to the petroleum onshore information NT (POINT).

Last updated: 08 July 2021

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