Land access agreements for exploration

Mineral title: grant of tenure

When you apply for any mineral title you must tell each landowner affected by the application within 14 days of submitting the application to the department.

If you are applying for an exploration licence over pastoral land, you must also tell the manager of the pastoral property.

You can either use the landowner/land manager notice form below,  or write your own letter to the landowner and land manager.

Get the form.

 Landowner/land manager notice form DOCX (47.8 KB)
 Landowner/land manager notice form PDF (205.7 KB)

How to use the landowner notice form

The form is in two parts - one for landowners and one for land managers.

Notify landowners

You must fill in section A and send the form, along with the proposed work program and map, to every landowner affected by the application.

Notify land managers

Use Section B to notify the land manager when you are applying for an exploration licence over pastoral land.

Fill it in and email it to They will forward the form to the land manager for you. 

Copy the email to This will prove that you have attempted to make contact with the land manager.

Land owner or manager acknowledgement

The landowner or manager is asked to sign the acknowledgement section of the form and return it to you within 14 days, but they are not obliged to do so.

You must post or email any acknowledgements you receive to the department as proof that you have begun the required land access consultation process:

Department of Primary Industry and Resources - Mineral Titles Division
GPO Box 4550
Darwin  NT  0801 

If the landowner or land manager doesn't respond, it does not hold up the processing of your application.

Objection period

This notice to the landowner does not start the process to object or make a submission about the application.

Read more about objections and submissions.

Get the flow diagram.

Pastoralist / land manager stakeholder engagement - land access - tenure grant PDF (675.2 KB)

After a title has been granted

Once an exploration licence has been granted, there are two levels of activity which can be undertaken:

There are different rules about notifying and consulting with landowners and land managers depending on which kind of activity is planned.

Read more about non-intrusive activity consultation requirements.

Read more about substantial disturbance consultation requirements.

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Last updated: 04 February 2020

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