Aileron Province


Metamorphic, igneous and volcanic: variably metamorphosed clastic sediments, metavolcanic rock, cordierite granulite, calc-silicate rocks, dolerite, mafic rock, syenite, carbonatite, alkaline intrusives, granite.

Aileron Province 

Epoch Min:


Epoch Max:


Age Min:

730 Ma.

Age Max:

1860 Ma.


Forms part of the Arunta Region. A poly-deformed late Palaeo-Neoproterozoic orogenic domain forming part of the North Australian Craton.


Faulted contact with Palaeoproterozoic Warumpi and Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic Irindina provinces. Fault contact with Palaeo-Neoproterozoic Amadeus, Wiso, Ngalia and Georgina basins. Unconformably overlain by Mesozoic Eromanga Basin to the southeast. Transitional with Palaeoproterozoic Tanami Region to the northwest




Hosts a variety of mineral commodities including gold, uranium, base metals, PGE, manganese, nickel, tin-tungsten, molybdenum-tungsten, REE, thorium, iron, vanadium, titanium and phosphate.


Greenschist to granulite facies.

Main Reference:

Scrimgeour IR, 2013. Chapter 12: Aileron Province: in Ahmad M and Munson TJ (compilers) ‘Geology and Mineral Resources of the Northern Territory’. Northern Territory Geological Survey, Special Publication 5

Last updated: 04 February 2020

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