Amadeus Basin


Sedimentary: dolostone, limestone, shale, sandstone, siltstone, quartzite, evaporite, diamictite, conglomerate.

Armadeus Basin

Epoch Min:


Epoch Max:


Age Min:

350 Ma.

Age Max:

850 Ma.


A large intracratonic sedimentary basin that was initiated as part of the Centralian Superbasin and was substantially affected by intraplate tectonics.


Overlies Palaeoproterozoic Warumpi and Palaeo-Neoproterozoic Aileron provinces to the north and Mesoproterozoic Musgrave Province to the south. Overlain by Mesozoic Eromanga and Phanerozoic Pedirka basins to the southeast.


Up to 14 km.


Hosts Mereenie oil and gas field and Palm Valley gas field in Ordovician Larapinta Group rocks. The Cambrian/Neoproterozoic Dingo, Orange and Ooraminna gas fields, and Ordovician West Walker discovery are potential gas producers. The basin also contains sandstone-type uranium deposits at Angela and Pamela, and gold at White Range in the Arltunga Nappe Complex. Minor base metal prospects are also present.


Generally unmetamorphosed; minor highly deformed rocks interleaved with basement in the northeast, greenschist to amphibolite facies rocks in the southwest

Main Reference:

Edgoose CJ, 2013. Chapter 23: Amadeus Basin: in Ahmad M and Munson TJ (compilers) ‘Geology and Mineral Resources of the Northern Territory’. Northern Territory Geological Survey, Special Publication 5

Last updated: 09 May 2016

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