Apply for a pipeline licence

Apply for a licence

A pipeline licence gives you the right to construct and operate a pipeline within a specific area along a specific route.

It is not consent to actually do so. It just establishes your claim across the land.

You need separate consents and management plans to construct and operate a pipeline.

How to apply

To apply for a pipeline licence, follow these steps:

1. Fill in the pipeline licence application form.

Pipeline licence application form DOCX (63.5 KB)
Pipeline licence application form PDF (176.0 KB)

2. Provide all of the following supporting information:

  • full technical and engineering details about the design and construction of the pipeline including all of the following:
    • the pipeline’s size and capacity
    • what it will carry
    • cathodic measures to protect against corrosion
    • proposed work and expenditure
    • machinery and equipment to be used for construction
  • a map showing all of the following:
    • the proposed pipeline route
    • proposed licence area and pipeline corridor
    • location of proposed equipment installations
    • land required for access
    • any Aboriginal land and land held by the Commonwealth as well as any easements or land acquired or agreed to be acquired
  • details of existing or proposed land access agreements
  • name and address of anyone who could be affected by the pipeline or access requirements, including any agreements or arrangements
  • proof you have the technical ability to undertake the project
  • proof you have the financial capacity to undertake the project.

3. Pay the fee. Read the list of fees to find out how much you will have to pay.

4. Submit the application. Read about how to pay and submit the application.

Section 13 of the Energy Pipelines Act 1981 provides detailed information on the supporting information.

You can contact the Energy Division for assistance with your application.

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Last updated: 08 August 2016

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