Incorporated associations

Dissolving an association

This page is for associations that want to dissolve voluntarily.

Licensing NT may also dissolve an association if it finds, after investigation, that the association no longer meets the objectives for which it was formed. Read more about investigation and resolving disputes.

In certain circumstances, member or officer liabilities may continue after the association is dissolved and be treated as if the association had not been dissolved.

How to dissolve an association

First, your association must submit outstanding audited financial reports to Licensing NT, unless Licensing NT has granted an exemption.

Then, your association's management committee must acquit all government grants, and transfer any surplus assets or personal property.

If your association has prescribed property or property purchased from, or using grants from, the Northern Territory Government or Australian Government, they are not treated as your association's assets at dissolution. You will need directions from the granting body on what to do with these assets.

Dissolving an association with assets

To dissolve an association with assets follow these steps:

Step 1. Your association's members must pass a resolution to dissolve the association and transfer its property to any of the following:

  • another body with similar or charitable objectives
  • a local government council where the property is situated.

Step 2. Within 14 days of the resolution, the public officer must publish your association's intention to transfer its property in both of the following:

  • a Northern Territory (NT) newspaper where the association carries on its activities
  • NT government gazettes by emailing

Within 14 days of the resolution, the public officer must also complete and lodge the following with Licensing NT:

Step 3. Once 28 days have passed from publication of the notice, your association may transfer all of the surplus assets.

Step 4. Once transferred, the public officer must submit a completed completion of transfer of property of an association form and send it to Licensing NT.

completion of transfer of property of an association form DOCX (31.4 KB)
completion of transfer of property of an association form PDF (20.0 KB)

Prohibiting a transfer

The following people may apply to the Supreme Court for an order to prohibit an association from transferring its real or property assets, as either of the following:

  • a member of the association who did not vote in favour of the resolution to dissolve the association
  • a creditor of the association.

You have 28 days from the publication of the notice of the association's intention to transfer all its property to make an application to the Supreme Court.

An application to the Supreme Court must be in the form of a writ or originating motion.

Go to the Supreme Court website for more information and contact details.

Dissolving an association without assets

Step 1. The public officer must complete a dissolution statutory declaration form in front of a witness aged 18 or older.

dissolution statutory declaration form DOCX (31.3 KB)
dissolution statutory declaration form PDF (21.4 KB)

Step 2. The public officer must submit the form to Licensing NT.

Licensing NT will publish a notice of intention to dissolve your association in the NT government gazette.

After three months, if there is no objection, a notice of dissolution is gazetted and your association will come to a formal end on the same day.

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Last updated: 15 June 2020

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