Apply for a liquor licence

You need a liquor licence or be registered to sell or supply alcohol in the Northern Territory (NT).

Who can apply

You can apply as an individual, partnership or company. You must be able to prove you are a 'fit and proper' person to be a licensee. Read more about who can apply to be an approved licensee.

All new licence applications can be made online. If you are interested in wholesale, find out how to register as a wholesaler of liquor.

How long it takes

The time your application takes can depend on its type and complexity.

Special event licences are usually processed within three weeks.

For other types of liquor licences, it can take four months to receive a decision on your application. This depends on the time it takes at each below stage. Simpler applications will be processed quicker.

  • Assessment - up to four weeks - can take longer if you haven't attached all the details needed.
  • Advertising and objection - up to eight weeks - time will be reduced if there are no objections to the application.
  • Liquor Commission determination - at least four weeks - the commission is an independent decision-maker for liquor licence applications.

What you need

Get your required documents together and work out which liquor licence type you need.

You will need to identify at least one nominee. Your nominee is responsible for the day-to-day management of the licensed premises. It's good to have more than one nominee, in case they get sick or change jobs.

Before someone can become a nominee, they must complete a responsible service of alcohol course and understand how to promote alcohol responsibly.


Your application fee depends on the licence type:

  • special and major events - $21 (17 revenue units)
  • other liquor licences - $205 (166 revenue units).

Pay your application fee when you apply online or at a Territory Business Centre after you submit.

Liquor licence holders must also pay an annual fee based on the risk classification of their licence. Find out how much you might need to pay using the calculator on the alcohol reform website.

How to apply

Apply online

Estimated completion time: 30 to 40 minutes.

All steps must be completed in one go. You can't save your application and complete it later. Make sure you have all of the documents you need before you start.

Other ways to apply

If you can't apply online, submit an application using the form below.

Step 1. Fill in the relevant form

Special events

Application for a special event licence PDF (247.4 KB)
Application for a special event licence DOCX (89.2 KB)

Major events

Application for a major event licence PDF (246.4 KB)
Application for a major event licence DOCX (89.1 KB)

Other liquor licences

Application for a new liquor licence or authority  PDF (246.5 KB)
Application for a new liquor licence or authority DOCX (86.8 KB)

Step 2. Check you have the right authorities and attachments

Make sure you have attached all of your supporting documents and chosen the right authority types.

Step 3. Submit

Submit your form with all supporting documents and pay the fee at your nearest Territory Business Centre.

You can also email it and a receipt of the fee to

More information

Contact Licensing NT if you have any questions.

For more information you can:

Last updated: 01 July 2021

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