Promote alcohol responsibly

You and your employees must promote alcohol responsibly.

It is a breach of your licence conditions to encourage irresponsible drinking.

Read below to find out about acceptable practices involving alcohol consumption.

Happy hour

You can have a traditional happy hour during or immediately after normal daytime working hours, so long as:

  • you only advertise the start or finish time, not both
  • you don't advertise happy hour prices
  • happy hour finishes by 8pm.

Free drinks

You can supply one complimentary standard drink upon arrival.

You can't supply jugs, cocktails or multiple measures as complimentary drinks.

Low alcohol beer promotions

You can offer promotions involving low alcohol beer if it is clear from the advertising that it is a low alcohol beer promotion.

You can't supply drinks with titles that encourage irresponsible drinking habits such as:

  • laybacks
  • shooters
  • slammers
  • test tubes
  • blasters.

Alcohol in non-standard measures

You can't serve drinks in test tubes or other non-standard measures.

Drink cards

You must not supply drink cards that encourage patrons to drink alcohol more quickly than they otherwise might.

Drink cards must not have:

  • more than one free drink
  • extreme discounts
  • discounts of limited time on a particular day or night.


You can't encourage patrons to consume alcohol irresponsibly or excessively.

This includes:

  • all you can drink offers
  • free drinks for women
  • two for one offers.

Last updated: 01 October 2019

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