Drunk patrons in licensed premises

It is illegal to sell or supply alcohol to a drunk person in a licensed premise.

It is your responsibility as the licensee to prove the patron was not drunk at the time of sale.

If you have reasonable grounds to suspect a patron is drunk, you or an employee must exclude or remove them from your premises.

How to identify a drunk person

A person who displays one or more of the below behaviours may be drunk:

  • spilling drinks
  • rambling conversation or slurred speech
  • annoying other customers and employees
  • swaying or dozing while sitting
  • becoming loud or boisterous
  • crude, aggressive or belligerent behaviour
  • inappropriate sexual advances
  • becoming careless with money
  • bumping into or knocking over furniture
  • inability to light a cigarette or letting a cigarette burn in an ashtray
  • glassy eyes, lack of eye focus, loss of eye contact.

Last updated: 02 August 2018