Payment for government contracts

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You will need to submit an invoice to get paid for goods and services provided to government.

You can submit your invoice online, by email or mail.


InvoiceNTG is an online system that allows businesses to submit invoices to a government agency.

InvoiceNTG also lets you do the following:

  • track the progress of invoice payments
  • get email remittance advice and payment reports
  • get SMS and email alerts on invoice payments
  • create template invoices for lodging online
  • run reports on invoice and payment history.

You can't use it for invoices relating to:

  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Jacana Energy
  • Territory Generation
  • construction and maintenance of infrastructure.

Go to InvoiceNTG.

You can also track invoice progress by downloading the InvoiceNTG app from iTunes or Google Play.

If your invoice relates to infrastructure work

If your invoice relates to construction and maintenance of infrastructure, you will need to submit your invoice to the relevant agency.

The invoice will go through the ASNEX system and payment will be processed through the Government Accounting System (GAS).

You will get a remittance report when payment is complete.

For information about contract management or payment, contact the relevant agency:

Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics - use the email address provided in the tender documents.

Department of Housing and Community Development -

By email

If you want to email your invoice to a government agency, contact accounts payable at

By mail

If you submit your invoice by mail, you must make sure you use the correct agency billing details. Get the list of NT agency billing information (46.6 kb).

30-day payment policy

The NT Government has a 30-day payment policy for works, goods and services.

All accounts must be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice, unless there is a dispute over the account.

Late payments

If your payment is not received within 30 days, you can apply for penalty interest payment from government if:

  • the invoice is correct and not disputed
  • works, goods or services have been received.

Penalty interest rates

The penalty interest rate is set on an annual basis and paid at the 90 day bank bill rate as at 1 June each year.

For 2018 to 2019, the rate has been set at 1.87%.

Interest penalty rates do not apply if interest penalty payments are received late.

How to calculate penalty interest payment

Interest is calculated from the 31st day to the date the late payment was made by the government.


If an invoice is received on 15 April and payment is made on 31 May, interest is payable is for the period 15 May to 31 May (both days inclusive) or 17 days.

Invoice received

15 April

30 day payment due

14 May

Payment made

31 May

Penalty period begins

15 May

Penalty period ends

31 May

Penalty interest due

17 days

How to claim penalty interest payment

You will need to submit a tax invoice to claim the penalty interest within 90 days of the late payment being made.

You must submit your invoice to the government organisation that received the original invoice.

Invoice details must include the following details:

  • date the NT Government organisation received the original invoice
  • date of payment
  • copy of the original invoice
  • period for which the supplier considers interest is due
  • amount of penalty interest sought.


For payment queries including calculating interest, contact accounts payable at

Last updated: 28 June 2018