Unclaimed gambling prize money

There are time limits on how long you can take to claim winnings in some forms of gambling or betting in the Northern Territory (NT).

Unclaimed winnings in some games go to the Northern Territory Treasury. The Treasury must approve their release after a certain time.

Unclaimed phone or internet betting funds

If you set up a telephone or internet betting account you must do both of the following: 

  • provide identification (ID) to the betting provider within 45 days of opening the account.
  • you must not withdraw funds or winnings until you have provided suitable ID.

Unclaimed Tattersall's wins over 12 months

You have 12 months to claim the prize on a winning Lotto ticket. 

If the prize is unclaimed after 12 months the prize money is transferred to the Northern Territory Treasury.

You must have the ticket to claim.

Unclaimed Keno wins over 12 months

You have 12 months to claim a Keno win by presenting your ticket to any Northern Territory Keno outlet.

Your claim will be referred to the Director-General of Licencing if you try to claim a Keno prize more than 12 months after buying the ticket. 

You may be asked to provide either of the below before your claim is approved: 

  • proof of entitlement
  • proof of a ticket.

Last updated: 11 March 2016