This section provides information for people involved in greyhound racing in the Northern Territory (NT).

It contains topics including:

  • how to register as a greyhound attendant
  • how to register as a greyhound owner
  • how to register as a greyhound trainer
  • greyhound welfare
  • greyhound racing in extreme weather conditions.

This section contains all of the following information:

  • how you can register greyhound litters
  • transfer greyhound ownership
  • nominate a greyhound for a race meeting.

Greyhound racing in the NT is regulated by Licensing NT on behalf of the NT Racing Commission.

It uses Greyhounds Australasia's racing rules and the NT greyhound racing rules. Read the law.

Go to the Greyhounds Australasia website to read more about Australian racing rules.

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Last updated: 02 August 2018