Defence support industry

Local industry plays an important role in supporting the current substantial Defence and Border Forces presence in the Northern Territory. 

With increased Defence presence and activity committed to in the 2016 Defence White Paper there is potential for significantly increased business opportunities.

The Northern Territory Defence support sector is characterised by a broad range of businesses types, primarily comprising small to medium enterprises with a focus on technical skills and technology. 

Disciplines within Defence support include: ship repair services, food and beverage services, welding, engineering design and consulting services, scientific testing and analysis services, metals and materials fabrication, mechanical, electronic and electrical, water transport, security and technology services, manufacturing, logistics, transport and warehousing.

Prime contractors are encouraged to increase their permanent footprint in the Northern Territory and engage local businesses in their supply chain.

The Defence support industry is a key industry sector in the Northern Territory, playing a significant role in our steadily expanding economy.

Increased Defence activity in the region and the Federal Government commitment to growing northern Australia provide opportunity to create economic growth, business development and employment.

Defence Support Hub

Darwin’s Defence Support Hub is a 53-hectare industrial precinct enabling prime contractors and small businesses to establish strategic industry clusters to provide services and support to the Australian Department of Defence. 

The hub is positioned close to Robertson Barracks to enable industry to deliver valuable support for Defence platforms and the Joint Logistics Unit North.

Go to the Land Development Corporation for more information about the Defence Support Hub. 

Maritime industries

Proposed maritime developments include the Darwin Ship Lift and Marine Industry Project and the Marine Industry Park.

Darwin Ship Lift and Marine Industry Project

The Northern Territory Government has put forward up to $100 million for the development of a common user ship lift facility at East Arm which will cater for both wet and dry dock ship maintenance and will support Darwin's position as a growing logistics and marine services hub.

The facility is aimed to meet the current and future maintenance needs of Defence, Australian Border Force, oil and gas, fishing and commercial users, and remove the need for Defence vessels to use Asian ports or other Australian cities for maintenance and repairs.

A competitive process to secure a proponent to deliver the project in the East Arm Logistics Precinct commenced in 2016 with construction scheduled to commence as early as 2017.

Marine Industry Park

The Marine Industry Park will be dedicated to marine maintenance, logistics, engineering and fabrication and support services for the oil and gas, Defence and related marine industries.

Go to the Land Development Corporation website for more information about the marine industry park. 

Australian Industry and Defence Network

The Australian Industry and Defence Network NT (AIDN-NT) is the peak industry body for businesses interested in Defence support. AIDN-NT assists businesses in becoming part of the Defence support industry in the Northern Territory. 

AIDN-NT members benefit from a range of services, training and support aimed at enhancing their capability to win Defence work and succeed in the industry.

Go to the AIDN-NT website for more information.

Last updated: 28 November 2017