About DefenceNT

DefenceNT works to support Defence, the Defence community, and businesses and industries that support Defence.

The group helps to coordinate the Northern Territory Government's strategic engagement with Defence and other governments to provide opportunities and increase industry engagement, business development and employment in the Northern Territory.


A capable and profitable industry, contemporary infrastructure and supportive community, contributing to Defence capability and the Territory economy. 

Strategy document - Defence Strategy Northern Territory Beyond 2015

Developed in consultation with key stakeholders, Defence Strategy Northern Territory Beyond 2015 outlines a new approach to supporting Defence and capturing economic opportunities.

Read the Defence Strategy Northern Territory Beyond 2015: Expanding our role and capability in defence and national security (1.8 mb).

The strategy covers eight themes and focuses on capitalising on the many advantages the Northern Territory has to offer including the geographic location, abundant open space for basing, training and exercises, a capable industry, a welcoming community, a supportive government and the quality of lifestyle.

Targets for growth

The following eight themes are listed in the strategy:

  • Prosperous Northern Territory Economy
  • Sustainable Defence Industry Capability
  • Enhanced National Security
  • United States Force Posture Initiative
  • A Vibrant Community
  • Regional Engagement Hub
  • Secure Borders
  • Nation Building Infrastructure.



Department of Trade, Business and Innovation
GPO Box 3200
Darwin NT 0801


Level 1 Development House
76 The Esplanade
Darwin NT
Phone: (08) 8999 7520

Last updated: 13 October 2017