How to search the PIC database

You can search by PIC database by property name or by street address.

The search is not case sensitive - ie doesn't recognise capital letters - and returns a match on any part of your entered text.

All results will be sorted alphabetically by the property name.

To clear the search fields, click on Reset.

Search by PIC

PICs use the format THDG9999. All PICs must start with the letter T, for Territory.

Type in the PIC and click on Search. The PIC, property name, street address and region will be displayed.

Search by property name

Type in the property name or any part of the name - eg Sun for Sunnyside - and click on Search. The results will be listed alphabetically by the property name.

Search by street address

Type in the name of the street / road etc (or any part thereof e.g. Acacia Rd) and click on Search'. The results will be listed alphabetically by the property name.

You can also search on an area or suburb etc. e.g. Girraween or Edith or Ilparpa etc

The search is not case-sensitive, but it does not recognise the words street, road, place or circuit etc spelt out in full.

Please use the short forms of Rd or St or Pl or Cct etc.


You can use wildcards for advanced searching.

Use the % symbol to substitute for one or more characters - eg Smi%%%.

Use the underscore character _ to match any single character – eg _mith.

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Last updated: 01 September 2017

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