Due diligence requests for livestock property sales

If you're considering buying a pastoral property, your solicitor or legal representative can request information from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade about whether the property is subject to any notices, orders or restrictions regarding livestock diseases.

Information your lawyer can ask for

The department can provide the following:

  • information on orders or notices issued under the Livestock Act 2008
  • information on reports of notifiable diseases of livestock under the Act.

No other information is available without a subpoena or Freedom of Information request.

You should note that Australia including the Northern Territory, was declared free of bovine brucellosis in 1987 and free of bovine tuberculosis in 1997.

How to make a request

To request information, fill in the below form:

Send your completed form to the veterinary officer at the livestock biosecurity office in the same region as the property.

You must pay a fee either by cheque or credit card as outlined on the form when you send in the request.

Further due diligence information

You can also make a due diligence request for properties with plant material.

To request information, fill in the below form:

Read more about due diligence requests related to notices under the following acts:


The information is provided in good faith, but the department accepts no liability for any consequences that might arise from its use.

Last updated: 02 November 2020

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