Camels do not require any wildlife permits.

Property identification code

You must have a property identification code if you keep camels, regardless of the size of your property, the number of livestock you have, or if they are pets.

Read how to get a property identification code.

Moving camels

You must fill in a Northern Territory (NT) waybill if you want to move camels off the property where they are kept in the NT.

Read more about NT waybills and moving and exporting livestock.

Camel diseases

Both domestic and feral camels in Australia are free from most serious livestock diseases, although they carry common camel diseases which can be easily treated. 

For more information get the review of camel diseases in Central Australia PDF (452.5 KB).

Read more about feral camels.

Camel management publications

If you want to know more about how to manage camels there are publications to help you. These include:

These publications give you general information about managing camels in the NT. If you need more specific advice you might need to speak to your local vet or a department expert. 

Camel food plants in Central Australia

Camels eat more than 80% of the common plant species found in Central Australia. Some preferred plant species may need to be protected against overgrazing. 

Read the Technote palatability scoring of forage plants in Central Australia PDF (105.8 KB).

Last updated: 12 July 2017

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