Register a brand for use on Aboriginal land

You must complete the below steps to register a brand on Aboriginal Land Trust (ALT).

You must discuss your proposal with either the Northern Land Council (NLC) or Central Land Council (CLC).

These land councils act as a body corporate and provide administrative support to the ALT.

You can find out more about ALTs by reading the Aboriginal Land Rights Act (Northern Territory) 1976.

You will most likely have to enter into a legal agreement with the land council and ALT. This could include any of the following:

  • licence agreement
  • grazing licence
  • section 19 land use agreement
  • mustering agreement
  • lease.

Read more on land council roles and contacts.

The application you use will depend on if you're registering a new or existing brand.

Use an existing brand

You can apply to use an existing brand:

  • temporarily on an ALT for agreements less than 3 months or
  • change the run and move an existing brand to an ALT.

Find out how to transfer, move, change or cancel a brand.

Apply for a new brand

To apply for a new brand, you must submit an application to register a three-letter brand.

You must attach evidence of a signed agreement from the land council to your application.

Your application should state the terms of the agreement including:

  • the period
  • any conditions or restrictions.

Supporting documents from the land council

The NLC or CLC must submit all of the following to the brands registrar:

Without the supporting documentation from NLC or CLC, your application will be returned.

Send your completed forms by mail or email to:

Brands Registrar
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
GPO Box 3000
Darwin NT 0801

Last updated: 02 August 2022

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