Animal biosecurity fees and contacts

Biosecurity service fees

You are charged fees for all of the following animal biosecurity services:

  • tick inspections and treatments
  • interstate health certificates for livestock movement
  • export certifications
  • brands
  • waybills
  • meat industry licences
  • investigations to follow up breaches of the Livestock Act.

The fees below apply from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. They are revised annually on July 1.

Livestock services

Fee - weekdays (no GST)
Fee - weekends and public holidays
Cattle tick inspection and supervised treatment.

Add $33 if a health certificate for interstate movement is also needed.

If the inspection and supervised treatment are performed at separate locations or properties then two separate charges apply.

$46 set visit fee
+$1.15 per head
$103 set visit fee
+ $1.15 per head
Supplying a health certificate for interstate livestock movement
$33 per certificate
$66 per certificate
Supplying Property of Origin health declaration
$33 per certificate
$66 per certificate
Weekend horse tick inspection and treatment - no fee for weekday callouts
$149 set visit fee
+ $1.15 per head
Investigations to follow up breaches of the Livestock Act - eg: visits to examine health of livestock illegally brought to the Northern Territory
$34 per half hour

Brand applications and related services

Service Fee
Application for registration of three-letter brand $115
Application for registration of distinctive (symbol) brand $115
Application for registration of earmark $86
Application for transfer of brand $58
Issue replacement certificate - for lost or damaged certificate $58
NT brand search (includes $3.45 GST) $38
NT Brands Directory - copy of publication (includes $1.36 GST) $15
Waybill books (includes $2.55 GST) $28
Due diligence request - sale of property (includes $3.45 GST) $38

Meat industry licences

Service Fee
Application for licence - abattoir, processing, cold store


Application for licence - pet meat slaughter/processing, domestic game


Meat delivery vehicle inspection (includes $5.80 GST)$64

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Last updated: 02 August 2018