Inspection and monitoring of red and green zones

Monitoring of your banana plants will help the Northern Territory prove we have eradicated banana freckle.

After April 2017 the results of the monitoring will be used to scientifically prove that banana freckle has been eradicated.

If all goes to plan it is anticipated that banana growing can return to normal sometime in mid-2017.

Red zones 

All banana plants in red zones, whether bought or supplied as part of the sentinel planting, will be monitored for signs of banana freckle.

Plant health inspectors routinely visit properties to inspect banana plants and to ensure plants are covered by a permit. Inspectors are only interested in banana plants.

All properties which had banana plants removed in phase one will be checked again as part of the National Banana Freckle Eradication Program.

If you move, plant or cultivate banana plant/s in a red zone without a permit you may be fined and the plant/s will be destroyed.

Green zone

Properties in the green zone will continue to be monitored for banana freckle.

To date no banana freckle fungus has been found in the green zone.

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Last updated: 03 February 2017