Buying a banana plant

From May 2016, you will need a permit to buy, move, plant and grow bananas in red zones.

This includes the Greater Darwin and Rural Area red zone.

Before you buy a plant

You must obtain a permit to buy banana plants in red zones.

Your permit allows you to move plants from a nursery to the address on your permit, and to plant and grow (propagate) them at the address on your permit.

To apply for a banana permit, fill in this online form.

Where to buy plants

Your local nursery may have plants for sale or you can buy directly from an accredited nursery.

Your local nursery must have a permit to sell banana plants that have been sourced from an accredited nursery.

How to buy a plant

You must have your permit and identification to buy banana plants from a nursery.

Move your banana plants to the address on your permit and plant them as soon as possible.

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Last updated: 27 June 2017