2020 permits

Permit No. Copy of permit Date of permitLocation NPU activityArea
NPU20/03Permit PDF (7.3 MB)1 February 2021NT Portion 703, PPL 1097 Aileron Station
View the NPU20/03 area on the NR Maps website
Irrigated agriculture and horticulture343.58 hectares
NPU20/02Permit PDF (28.7 MB) 31 July 2020 NT Portion 7348, PPL 1222, Tipperary East Station
View the NPU20/02 area on the NR Maps website
Agriculture 13,688.59 hectares
NPU20/01 Permit PDF (3.7 MB) 4 June 2020 NT Portion 2731, PPL 1181, Lakefield Station
View the NPU20/01 area on the NR Maps website
Horticulture and agriculture 2,703.89 hectares

Last updated: 16 February 2021

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