How to get help

You can get free herbicide and borrow spray equipment to help control an infestation of gamba grass.

Step 1. Find a loan location

Contact a loan location to see if they have what you need.

Step 2. Draw a property plan 

At the loan location you will be asked to draw a plan of your property that will be used to decide how much herbicide you need.

Include the following in your property plan:

  • property location
  • land size
  • location and size of gamba grass infestations.

Step 3. Fill in an agreement

At the loan location you will need to fill in an agreement to get herbicide or borrow equipment.

Step 4. Complete a survey

At the loan location you will be given a survey to fill in about the Gamba Grass Action Program. 

Read about using spray equipment.

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Last updated: 28 November 2017