Herbicide safety

A herbicide is a chemical that destroys or slows the growth of plants, especially weeds. The herbicide used to control gamba grass is called glyphosate. 

You must correctly use herbicides as they can cause immediate and long-term illnesses.

There are laws and instructions you must follow when using herbicides, these include Commonwealth and Northern Territory law. 

Go to the Australian Government website to read about Commonwealth laws. 

Read more about NT herbicide laws.

Follow the instructions

Under the law, you must follow instructions on the herbicide label. 

Go to a copy of the Ken-up Aquatic 360 herbicide instructions (548.8 kb)

For more advice on using herbicides go to page eight of the NT Weed Management Handbook (1.3 mb)

Read the material safety data sheet (174.6 kb) for more information including: 

  • potential health effects
  • first aid
  • personal protective equipment
  • spill and disposal procedures.

Using herbicides in the environment

You should follow these guidelines for safe herbicide use:

  • don't spray plants other than declared weeds as glyphosate can kill plants other than gamba grass if it comes into contact with them
  • don't spray in windy conditions as spray drift can damage plants you are not targeting
  • don't contaminate dams, waterways or sewers with glyphosate.

Poisons advice

The Poisons Information Centre can give you advice in case of a medical emergency.

Phone: 131 126

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Last updated: 28 November 2017