Submit a meter reading for a water extraction licence

If you have a water extraction licence in the Northern Territory, you must submit monthly water meter readings to Water Resources.

This is part of your responsibilities as a licence holder.

Meter readings allow water resources to be monitored and managed.

For each water extraction licence held, licence holders will get two unique links to the My Meter app.

The links allows users to access:

  • My Meter dashboard, and
  • My Meter form.

Read below to find out how you enter and submit water meter readings using the app.

How to record

You must submit your readings before the 14th of every month.

Read how to read your water meter PDF (2.0 MB).

Licence holders can access the My Meter app to:

  • enter monthly water meter readings
  • get information about historical water use.

Watch the demonstration, or read more about the app below.

My Meter dashboard

Use this to:

  • enter water meter readings
  • view water history.

Select the tabs at the bottom to view historical data for:

  • monthly usage
  • yearly usage
  • my pumpage
  • regional pumpage.

You can change the year in the top right corner.

If no historical data is appearing, you must wait for the page to load. Contact Water Regulation if you get a 'no data' message.

Once data is loaded you can select blue 'here' on the home page to add water meter readings in the My Meter form.

My Meter form

Use this for entering water meter readings only.

Add your monthly water meetings under 'create pumpage'.

All your details are pre-populated for you. If your details don't appear, try using the My Meter form link.

You will need to update the following:

  • meter ID - choose your bore from the drop down menu
  • reading date - use the calendar icon
  • meter reading - enter the number from meter face with no commas
    • 'add more' if you need to add another meter.

If you have maintained or replaced a meter, tick 'have you performed meter maintenance and/or removed the meter this month' box and provide details.

You must save your changes.

Watch the video

Watch the below video for a demonstration of using the My Meter app.

You can also watch it on YouTube in Vietnamese.

For more information

To find out more about the app or how to enter your meter reading, contact Water Resources Licensing and Regulation branch on 08 8999 4455 or email

Last updated: 25 January 2022

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