Apply, renew or upgrade a water drilling licence

Apply for a water drilling licence

To get a water bore drilling licence you must have skills and knowledge that meet standards set by Water Resources. This is to make sure Northern Territory groundwater resources are protected. 

A water drilling licence is valid for five years.

Step 1

You must follow these steps before you apply for a water drilling licence:

  1. Fill in the grant or renewal of a drilling licence form.
  2. Attach two current passport photos.
  3. Attach six signed - by you and your supervisor - statements of bore for the class and each endorsement that you are applying for.
  4. Submit your form at your local Water Resources office.

Until 30 March 2018 if you are applying for sonic endorsement you need six signed statements of bore using rotary air or rotary mud or sonic.

You need the right qualifications, skills and experience as set out for the class and endorsements you are applying for.

For more information read about water drilling licences.

To support your application you can supply referee reports and course certificates.

Step 2

You must have completed Module A and Module B exams. 

The Module A exam is given by the Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM). It is a competency based exam that looks at your understanding of the Water Act and Regulations.

You must submit the completed exam within 30 days of receipt. 

You must successfully complete the exam with a pass mark of 80% or higher.

The Module B exam is given by the Australian Drilling Industry Training Committee. This exam is based on the class and endorsements from the minimum construction requirements for water bores in Australia.

For more information contact the committee by phone on (02) 9428 3444.

Step 3

Once you have completed Module A and B exams your application will be assessed by DLRM.

Step 4

DLRM will advise you of the success or otherwise of your application.

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Last updated: 28 November 2017