Priority housing assessment

On receipt of your Priority Housing application form, an interview will be arranged with a housing officer for you to provide information so that your application can be assessed.

If your application is approved

You will be offered a dwelling as soon as an appropriate property is available. Note that you may still have to wait some time before an offer of accommodation can be made.

Once you have received an offer, priority housing is treated as public housing, in terms of your rights and responsibilities. As with public housing, you will need to sign a Tenancy Agreement and complete a property condition report.

You will also be required to pay rent and bond. At least half of the bond amount must be paid before you move into the property. You will be required to pay the rest of the bond by regular repayments over six months. This can be arranged at your interview prior to an offer of housing being made.

The bond is equal to four weeks rent. If you are eligible to receive a rebate on your rent due to low income, your bond will be equal to two weeks rent at the rebated rate and two weeks at the full rent. If you are an aged pensioner your bond will be equal to four weeks rent at the rebated rate.

Your rent must always be paid one week in advance so when you sign the tenancy agreement for the property you will need to pay at least one week. If you are in receipt of a Centrelink benefit your rent and bond repayments are deducted directly from these payments.

If your application is not approved

Department of Housing may be able to help you by providing an interest free loan for a bond to access private rental accommodation. You will also remain on the general public housing wait-list and be allocated a dwelling when your turn is reached.

If you feel that the wrong decision has been made in not approving your priority housing application, you have a right to appeal the decision.

All priority housing applications that are not approved are automatically reviewed under the First Tier Appeal process.

If the First Tier Appeal is unsuccessful, a letter will provide reasons for the decision and details on how to appeal the decision under the Second Tier Appeal process.

For further information refer to the Priority Housing application form PDF icon 54 KB.

Last updated: 16 July 2015