Aboriginal jobseekers: register for short-term jobs

If you are an Aboriginal jobseeker, you can register your interest in short-term Northern Territory (NT) Government jobs.

The Aboriginal Employment Opportunities Register is open to:

  • new jobseekers
  • current government employees.

Being on the register can help you get a job in government or develop your career.

What jobs may be available

You will only be matched against positions of six months or less.

Positions range in experience levels and can be at locations throughout the NT.

Being on the register doesn't guarantee that you will be matched to a vacancy.

How to apply

Apply on the Northern Territory Government jobs website.

You will need to attach all of the below to your application.

  • A resume with two referees we can contact.
  • Confirmation of Aboriginality from an appropriate community organisation (or be able to provide one before you start).

Your application will be removed from the register after six months. You will need to re-apply to have your name put back on the register.

How the register is used

Agencies use the register to find potential employees. Your skills and preferences will be matched against the criteria for vacant positions.

Agency specific recruitment guidelines and merit selection principles apply.

Jobseekers can check if they've been referred and shortlisted for potential opportunities by:

Last updated: 28 May 2019


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