Penalty units

If you are fined in the Northern Territory, you will be charged in penalty units rather than dollar amounts.

A penalty unit is a set amount of money used to work out each fine.

Your fine is calculated by multiplying the value of a single unit by the number of penalty units for each offence. Read the law.

How much is a penalty unit

This amount changes every new financial year in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Darwin on 1 July.

For more information on CPI go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

How to calculate

You can find the most common penalty unit amounts used in Territory Revenue Office forms and declarations.

The table below shows the past and current value of penalty units.

DateSingle unit50 units100 units400 units500 units
2017 to 2018$154$7,700$15,400$61,600$77,000
2016 to 2017$154$7,700$15,400$61,600$77,000
2015 to 2016$153$7,650$15,300$61,200$76,500
2014 to 2015$149$7,450$14,900$59,600$74,500
2013 to 2014$144$7,200$14,400$57,600$72,000
2012 to 2013$141$7,050$14,100$56,400$70,500
2011 to 2012$137$6,850$13,700$54,800$68,500
2010 to 2011$133$6,650$13,300$53,200$66,500
2009 to 2010$130$6,500$13,000$52,000$65,000

How to pay

Find out about your payment options.

Last updated: 13 March 2018