Mining: report significant changes

If you are the responsible person of a production unit, you must notify the mineral royalty secretary within 30 days of a significant change occurring. Read the Mineral Royalty Act 1982.

This includes:

  • when a decision is made to start mineral production
  • any change to the name or address of the responsible person and manager of the production unit
  • any change in the ownership of the production unit or of a mining tenement which forms part of the production unit
  • any significant change in the level of production of a mineral commodity by the production unit
  • when the production unit stops commercial production of a mineral commodity
  • when the production unit resumes commercial production of a mineral commodity after stopping.

To report significant changes to the secretary, follow these steps:

Step 1. Fill in the notification of information PDF (433.3 KB) form.

Step 2. Attach any supporting documents.

Step 3. Submit your form by email to

You will get an email acknowledging receipt of your form.


For more information contact:

Territory Revenue Office
Level 14
Charles Darwin Centre
19 The Mall;
Darwin NT

Phone: 1300 305 353.

Last updated: 23 March 2018

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