Qualifications attracting incentives in the NT

These are the qualifications that apprentices and trainees must be studying to apply for a workwear and workgear bonus, and for their employer to apply for the NT occupational shortage incentive.

Training package title and code​ Qualification level​  Workwear and workgear bonus​ eligibility Qualification title​ Qualification code​

Aeroskills (MEA07)​ ​ ​

Certificate IV​ $1000 bonus Aeroskills (Avionics)​ MEA40615
  Certificate IV​ $1000 bonus Aeroskills (Mechanical)​ ​MEA40715
  Certificate IV​ $1000 bonus Aeroskills (Structures)​ ​MEA41315 ​

Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair (AUR05)​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Electrical Technology​ AUR30316​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Agricultural Mechanical Technology​ AUR30416​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Mobile Plant Technology AUR31216
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology AUR31116
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology​ AUR30616
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Motorcycle Mechanical Technology​ AUR30816
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Marine (Mechanical) AUR30514
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology​ AUR31416
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology​ AUR31816​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Diesel Engine Technology​ AUR31516​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Drivetrain Technology​ AUR31616
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Forklift Technology​ AUR31716
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology​ AUR32016​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Underbody Technology​ AUR32516​
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Outdoor Power Equipment (Mechanics)​ AUR30713​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Body Repair Technology​ AUR32116
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Glazing Technology​ AUR32216
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology​ AUR32316​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Automotive Refinishing Technology​ AUR32416

Resources and
Infrastructure (RII09)

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Civil Construction (Plant Operation)​ RII30815

Construction, Plumbing
and Services
Integrated Framework (CPC08)​ ​ ​

​ ​
Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Bricklaying / Blocklaying​ CPC30111​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Carpentry​ CPC30211
  Certificate III​​ $1000 bonus Signage​ CPC30216
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ ​ Concreting​ CPC30313
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Painting and Decorating​ CPC30611​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Solid Plastering​ CPC31011​
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Steel Fixing​ CPC31111
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Wall and Ceiling Lining​ CPC31211​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Wall and Floor Tiling CPC31311
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Plumbing​ CPC32413
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Roof Plumbing​ CPC32612
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Gas Fitting​ CPC32713
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Fire Protection CPC32813​

Furnishing (LMF02)​ ​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonusCabinet Making MSF31113
  Certificate III​​ $1000 bonus Glass and Glazing​ MSF30413​
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Floor Technology​ MSF30813

Metal and Engineering (MEM05)

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Engineering Mechanical Trade​ MEM30205​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Engineering Fabrication Trade
Heavy (A)
Light (B)
Maintenance (C)
Welding (E)​
(A, B, C, E)​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Locksmithing​ MEM30805​

Telecommunications (ICT10)​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Telecommunications Cabling ICT30515

Electro-technology (UEE11)​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Electro-technology Electrician UEE30811​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Appliance Servicing UEE32111
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Data and Voice Communications UEE30411
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Business Equipment​ UEE30111
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Electronics and Communications UEE30911​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Instrumentation and Control UEE31211​
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Refrigeration and Air Conditioning UEE32211​
  Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems UEE42911
  Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Electro-technology Systems Electrician UEE40611​

Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package (UET12)​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus ESI Transmission​ UET30512​
Certificate III​ $1000 bonus ESI Distribution​ UET30612​
Certificate III​ $1000 bonus ESI Cable Jointing​ UET30812​

Maritime (TDM07)​ ​

Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Maritime Operations (Master up to 24 metres near coastal)​ MAR30913
  Certificate III​ ​$300 bonus​ Maritime Operations (Marine Engine Driving - Grade 2)​ MAR30813

Food Processing (FDF10)​ ​ ​

Certificate III​​ $1000 bonus Retail Baking (Bread)​ FDF30610​
Certificate III​​ $1000 bonus Retail Baking (Combined)​ FDF30710

Australian Meat Industry (MTM11)​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Meat Processing (Retail Butcher)​ AMP30815

Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management (AHC10)​

Certificate III​​ ​ ​ $1000 bonus Irrigation​ AHC32416

Museum/ Library Information Services (CUL11)​

Diploma ​ ​ $300 bonus​ Library and Information Services​ BSB52115

Hairdressing (SIH11)​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Hairdressing​ SHB30416

Printing and Graphic Arts (ICP10)​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Printing and Graphic Arts (Screen Printing)​ ICP31215
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing)​ ICP31215
  Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Printing and Graphic Arts (Print Finishing)​ ICP31315

Community Services (CHC08)​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Children’s Services CHC30113
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Disability Work CHC33015
  Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Aged Care Work CHC33015
  Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Child, Youth and Family Intervention (Residential and out of home care)​ CHC40313
  Diploma​ ​$300 bonus​Child, Youth and Family Intervention​ CHC50313

Business Services (BSB07)​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Business Administration (Legal)​ BSB31015
  Certificate IV​ ​$300 bonus​ Legal Services​ BSB42215​
  Certificate IV​ ​$300 bonus​ Human Resources BSB41015

Information and Communication (ICA11)​ ​ ​

Certificate IV​​ ​$300 bonus​ Information Technology​ ICT40115
  Certificate IV​​ $300 bonus​ Information Technology Support ​ ICT40215
  Certificate IV​​ ​$300 bonus​ Information Technology Networking ICT40415

Tourism Hospitality and Events (SIT12)​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $1000 bonus Commercial Cookery​ SIT30816
  Certificate III​​ $300 bonus​ Hospitality​ SIT30616
  Certificate III​ ​$300 bonus​ Guiding​ SIT30316

Animal Care and Management (ACM10)​

Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Veterinary Nursing​ ACM40412​

Health (HLT07)​ ​ ​ ​

Certificate III​ $300 bonus​ Dental Assisting HLT35015
  Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Dental Assisting HLT45015
  Certificate IV​ $300 bonus​ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care (Practice)​ HLT40213
 Certificate IV$300 bonus​Population HealthHLT46015

Last updated: 28 November 2017