Volunteering: cyclones, fire and disasters

Volunteer with the NT Fire and Rescue Service

In remote areas that don’t have a nearby fire station, the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service (NTFRS) relies on volunteers.

In some communities, fire and rescue volunteers respond to all types of incidents, with the nearest full-time firefighters often based hundreds of kilometres away.

As a volunteer you may be called upon to assist firefighters or local police in emergencies or natural disasters.

This could include:

  • fighting bushfires
  • bushfire hazard reduction by early season burning off
  • helping at vehicle accidents
  • helping during floods
  • helping during cyclones
  • teaching about fire safety.

Volunteer members respond in the first instance to emergency calls within their district.

They may also attend emergencies in other volunteer fire brigade areas when asked to help at major incidents.

How to volunteer

To volunteer for the service call (08) 8946 4160 or email firevolunteercoordination@pfes.nt.gov.au.

Volunteer community educator

To become a community educator you need to be a serving member or be willing to become a member of a volunteer fire brigade.

You need to be a positive, community-minded person who is comfortable talking in front of groups, and be willing to develop the skills required to take on this role.

Community educators:

  • teach local communities, groups and schools about fire safety issues including:
    • bushfire survival plans
    • firebreaks
    • permits to burn
    • fire safety in the home
    • smoke alarms and their regulations
    • emergency alerts
    • accessing weather information
    • emergency warnings
    • where and how to get more information
    • fire danger rating signs
    • fire wardens and building evacuation requirements
  • provide information to their community in the lead up to the fire season and during and after an incident.

You will learn community education skills and have the opportunity to learn about fire behaviour, teamwork, communication and leadership.

Serving members who have an interest in becoming an educator may apply and maintain their operational firefighter status.

However, upon attendance at a fire call or incident that requires both volunteer firefighters and community educators, you may only undertake one role for that incident.

How to apply

Fill in the expression of interest form on the NTFRS website. Submit it to your local volunteer fire brigade or Community Fire Safety Command.

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Last updated: 05 February 2019


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