Working with children clearance: appeals

This page has information for people who want to apply for a legal review of a refusal by the Northern Territory Screening Authority over a working with children clearance. 

Read about how to get legal advice before applying for a court review.

How to review a decision

You must contact the Local Court within 28 working days of receiving the screening authority letter that denies you a working with children clearance.

Go to the Department of Attorney-General and Justice website for contact details.

The decision of the screening authority is binding until the review decision is made.

What is reviewed

The review will be conducted as a new hearing. 

The judge will consider all the information you provided to the screening authority in your application, and any other information you provide.

Review outcomes

The Local Court may do any of the following:

  • confirm the screening authority’s decision
  • vary the decision
  • set the decision aside
  • set the decision aside and replace it with the court’s own decision
  • make a decision about the costs of the review proceedings.

Last updated: 01 May 2016

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