Safety houses for young people and children

The Safety House program is a community-based network of safe places for children and young people.

A safety house can be a home, shop or business.

They help children who feel unsafe, threatened or unsure, especially when travelling to and from school.

The program is managed by Northern Territory Police in Darwin and Alice Springs.

When your child can use a safety house

Children may seek help at a safety house for many reasons, including:  

  • being approached by a person who scares or has hurt them
  • being approached by a person who makes them feel unsafe
  • being bullied by other children
  • being injured or lost
  • being frightened by animals.

Safety tips for your child

Teach your child to:

  • recognise warning signs about feeling unsafe - see Step 3 of the 7 Steps to Safety page on the Department of Children and Families website
  • recognise safety house signs on letter boxes and business windows
  • find a safe route to school near a safety house
  • go to a shop or chemist or call out to a passer-by if no safety houses are available.

When a child needs to use a safety house they should knock on the front door or ring the bell. They should tell the person at the safety house what has happened.

The person at the safety house will listen to and take care of the child and ring parents, the school or the police.

Apply to become a safety house

You can help children who feel unsafe or threatened by joining the Safety House program.

Who can apply

To join the Safety House program you will need to get a working with children clearance.

To apply you must also:

  • be at home at least 80% of the time during the period children are travelling to and from school - businesses are not expected to remain open outside normal operating hours
  • have a house that is easily accessible to a small child - no high fences or childproof gates
  • agree to the police regularly monitoring you and your premises
  • have a phone
  • agree that you and any other residents over 16 will undergo a suitability check by police
  • be willing to have a safety house sign on your mailbox, or window if a business
  • advise the Safety House program if moving from the premises.

How to apply

You can apply or find out more at:
Phone: (08) 8999 0843
Safety House
PO Box 39764
Winnellie NT 0821

Last updated: 05 February 2019

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