Registration: other vehicles

Golf buggy exemption
When you should register your golf buggy in the NT, including insurance and driver licence requirements for driving your golf buggy.

Quad bikes and ATVs: conditional registration
How to apply for conditional registration for a quad bike or all-terrain vehicles (ATV) for work related purposes.

Information about motorised scooters and what licence you need to have to ride one in the Northern Territory.

Non standard vehicle types
This page has information on segways, power assisted bicycles or bikes, and glider trailers.

Motor club vehicles

  • Introduction
    The NT Club Registration Scheme gives you a reduced rate of registration and compulsory third party insurance.
  • Apply for club vehicle registration
    You can apply for NT Club Registration Scheme for a reduced rate of registration and compulsory third party insurance so you can maintain the operational status of historic and individually constructed vehicles.
  • Apply for club recognition
    You can apply to have your vehicle enthusiast club recognised so that you and your members can apply for club vehicle registration.
  • Transfer club registration vehicles
    You can transfer your vehicle registration to another person as long as the new owner of the vehicle meets the criteria under the NT Club Registration Scheme.
  • Conditions of club registration scheme
    Keeping logbooks and records of your club vehicle for inspection.

Primary producer discount and pastoral vehicle permits

  • Introduction
    Guide to the registration discount and stamp duty exemption for primary producers who want to drive on public roads, including pastoral vehicle permits.
  • About the primary producer registration discount
    The primary producer registration discount includes a 50% discount on the vehicle registration fee each time you register and a one off stamp duty exemption when registering a new vehicle for the first time.
  • Apply or renew primary producer discount
    You can apply or renew your primary producer discount on vehicle registration.
  • Pastoral vehicle permit
    You can apply for or renew your pastoral vehicle permit to drive an unregistered vehicle for work purposes on public roads.