Visiting interstate and overseas vehicles

Overseas registered vehicles

You can drive your overseas registered vehicle in the Northern Territory (NT) if can meet all of the following:

  • it's only temporarily in the NT (less than three months)
  • it's registered in another country for the duration of its stay in the NT
  • it has number plates required by the law of that country
  • it has a policy of compulsory third party insurance issued within Australia.

If the vehicle first entered Australia in the NT

You must do all the following:

  1. Have your vehicle inspected at a MVR inspection test shed for compliance with NT roadworthy requirements
  2. Supply a current visa issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  3. Provide a current certificate of registration from the country where the vehicle is registered, in the name of the applicant, for the vehicle
  4. Provide a copy of CARNET or Federal Office of Road Safety import approval, and any other customs documents.

Overseas vehicles in NT for longer than three months

If you don't transfer your overseas registration to the NT after your three month stay, your vehicle may be deemed to be unregistered – even if it has current registration overseas.

If there is a genuine reason why your vehicle will remain in the NT longer than three months, but it will be relocating within 12 months, you may apply for an unregistered vehicle exemption from the MVR.

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Last updated: 10 July 2019


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