Register your vehicle for the first time

To drive your car, motorbike, trailer or other vehicle on a Northern Territory (NT) road, it must be registered with the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR).

You do not need to display registration stickers on light vehicles in the NT.

What you need to do

To register your vehicle for the first time, you must do all of the following:

  • provide evidence of identity and residency
  • provide proof of vehicle ownership
  • get a compliance check
  • get a roadworthy inspection
    • only if your vehicle is five years old or more

You must provide a document that identifies the person you bought or acquired your vehicle from, and confirms the transfer of ownership.

You can use any of the following documents as proof of ownership:

  • the most recent registration certificate, in the name of, and signed by the seller
  • a 13A certificate of registration issued at a remote NT Police Station signed by the seller
  • a bill of sale from a recognised auction house or a licensed motor vehicle dealer
  • a document that shows the vehicle has been passed on to you, this may include any of the following:
    • copy of a will or probate advice
    • written advice from a solicitor
    • letter from a public trustee
  • documents from a court of law allocating ownership of a vehicle
  • a letter, receipt, or notice of disposal from the seller, clearly identifying themselves, the vehicle, and the buyer - must include the:
    • registration number
    • vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number
    • engine number
    • date of sale
    • purchase price of the vehicle.
  • a statutory declaration if your vehicle is homemade and has not been previously registered
  • a death certificate - in cases where a vehicle is registered in joint names and one of the parties dies.

A compliance check is an inspection of a vehicle's identifiers or identification numbers.

This must be done by a transport inspector in a government inspection facility.

Find a vehicle inspection facility.

You can have roadworthy inspection through either:

  • a local authorised vehicle inspector
  • at the inspection facility in Darwin - booking required
  • at the Alice Springs test shed - no booking required

Read more about booking a vehicle inspection.

You may be exempt from stamp duty - check the application for stamp duty exemption PDF (195.5 KB).

If you have previously paid stamp duty when the vehicle was first registered in your name interstate, you don't need to pay it again when transferring the registration to the NT.

If you did not transfer the ownership of the vehicle into your name in your previous state or territory, you will need to pay the necessary stamp duty to register your vehicle in the NT.

Check the vehicle stamp duty calculator.

How to submit your application

You can submit your application and supporting documents at a MVR office.

You can pay your registration fee by EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa, BasicsCard or cash.

Speak to a MVR customer service officer (8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday) 1300 654 628.

Last updated: 11 June 2020

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