Abandoned vehicle on a public road or place

You should report an abandoned vehicle on a public road to the competent authority in charge of the area. Do not contact the MVR.

The competent authority will remove and dispose of the abandoned vehicle.

Below is a list of competent authorities you can contact to make a report.

Location of abandoned vehicle Who to contact (competent authority)
If the vehicle is causing danger, obstruction or inconvenience NT Police
NT Government land including major roads such as the Stuart, Barkly and Victoria Highways Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Council properties including most local or suburban roads Local council in your area
NT Parks and Reserves Parks and Wildlife Commission of the NT
Crown land Crown Land Estate in the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Aboriginal land Land councils – eg: the Northern Land Council, Central Land Council, Tiwi Land Council.
Territory Housing properties Territory Housing office
Military land Department of Defence
Shopping complex The management of the shopping complex.

Last updated: 08 December 2017