Marrara Christian College

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
60(am)Larrakeyah to Marrara Christian College via Fannie Bay, Ludmilla, Parap, Nightcliff, Rapid Creek, Millner and McMillans RdTimetable i60 (40.2 kb)Map 60 (442.4 kb)
60(pm)Marrara Christian College to Ludmilla via McMillans Rd, Millner, Rapid Creek, Nightcliff, Fannie Bay and ParapTimetable o60 (55.9 kb)Map 60 (442.4 kb)
61(am)Casuarina Interchange to Marrara Christian College via Tiwi, Lyons, Wanguri, Leanyer and MalakTimetable i61 (40.1 kb)Map 61 (658.4 kb)
61a(am)Leanyer to Marrara Christian College via KaramaTimetable i61a (36.4 kb)Map 61 (658.4 kb)
61a(pm)Marrara Christian College to Casuarina Interchange via Malak, Leanyer, Wanguri, Lyons and TiwiTimetable o61a (47.8 kb)Map 61 (658.4 kb)
62(am)Palmerston Christian College to Marrara Christian College via Palmerston InterchangeTimetable i62 (48.7 kb)Map 62 (705.2 kb)
62a(pm)Marrara Christian College to Palmerston Christian College via Palmerston InterchangeTimetable o62a (33.2 kb)Map 62 (705.2 kb)
62b(pm)Marrara Christian College to Palmerston Interchange Timetable o62b (35.4 kb)Map 62 (705.2 kb)
64(am)Casuarina Interchange to Marrara Collage via Nakara, Jingili, Moil, Anula, Wulagi and MalakTimetable i64 (38.5 kb)Map 64 (339.0 kb)
64(pm)Marrara Christian College to Leanyer via Malak, Wulagi, Anula, Moil, Jingili and AlawaTimetable o64 (38.1 kb)Map 64 (339.0 kb)
66(pm)Marrara Christian College to Alawa via Anula, Moil, Jingili, Casuarina Interchange, Alawa and Nakara Timetable o66 (35.8 kb)Map 66 (314.0 kb)

Last updated: 27 June 2017