Driver Primary School

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
111(am)Palmerston interchange to Driver and Gray primary schools via FarrarTimetable i111 (38.5 kb)Map 111 (556.3 kb)
111(pm)Gray and Driver primary schools to Palmerston interchange via FarrarTimetable o111 (33.1 kb)Map 111 (556.3 kb)
208(am)Durack to Kormilda College via Driver, Gray, Bakewell, Gunn, Rosebery and FarrarTimetable i208 (43.8 kb)Map 208 (272.3 kb)
208(pm)Kormilda College to Farrar via Durack, Gray, Bakewell, Rosebery and GunnTimetable o208 (41.2 kb)Map 208 (272.3 kb)

Last updated: 27 June 2017