Leanyer Primary School

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
61(am)Casuarina Interchange to Marrara Christian School via Tiwi, Lyons and Leanyer and O'Loughlin Catholic CollegeTimetable i61 (40.1 kb)Map 61 (708.8 kb)
61(pm)Marrara Christian School to Casuarina Interchange via O'Loughlin Catholic College, Leanyer, Lyons and TiwiTimetable o61  (47.8 kb)Map 61 (708.8 kb)
101(am)Muirhead to Marrara Christian School via Leanyer Primary School and O'Loughlin Catholic CollegeTimetable i101 (36.8 kb)Map 101 (707.2 kb)
101(pm)Marrara Christian College to Muirhead via O'Loughlin Catholic College and Leanyer Primary SchoolTimetable o101 (37.0 kb)Map 101 (707.2 kb)
206(am)Karama to Dripstone Middle School via Malak, Wulagi, Moil, Jingili, Alawa Primary School, Casuarina Secondary College and LeanyerTimetable i206 (40.5 kb)Map 206 (236.4 kb)
206(pm)Dripstone Middle School to Karama via Leanyer, Malak and O'Loughlin CollegeTimetable o206 (40.2 kb)Map 206 (236.4 kb)

Last updated: 28 November 2017