Howard Springs / Palmerston Interchange

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
404(pm)Palmerston Interchange to Sattler Crescent (Freds Pass Reserve) via Coolalinga Park and RideTimetable o404 (51.8 kb)Map 404 (271.8 kb)
447a(pm)Taminmin College to Palmerston Interchange via Humpty Doo Park and Ride, Sattler Crescent (Freds Pass Reserve) and Coolalinga Park and RideTimetable o447a (333.9 kb)Map 447a (249.8 kb)
454(am)Howard River Park to Palmerston Interchange                                Timetable i454 (37.3 kb)Map 454 (629.6 kb)
454(pm)Palmerston Interchange to Howard River ParkTimetable o454 (37.2 kb)Map 454 (629.6 kb)

Last updated: 27 February 2018