Bees Creek Primary School and Sattler Christian College

RouteService InformationTimetableMap
405(am)Howard Springs Stow Rd to Bees Creek Schools and Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i405 (48.5 kb)Map 405 (373.1 kb)
405(pm)St Francis of Assisi to Humpty Doo Park and Ride via Howard Springs and Gunn PointTimetable o405 (43.4 kb)Map 405 (373.1 kb)
407(am)Virginia and Bees Creek to Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i407 (43.7 kb)Map 407 (353.8 kb)
407(pm)Humpty Doo Schools to Bees Creek and VirginiaTimetable o407 (45.2 kb)Map 407 (353.8 kb)
228(am)Virginia Morgan Rd area to Humpty Doo Schools via Bees Creek SchoolsTimetable i228 (47.8 kb)Map 228 (292.4 kb)
408(am)Virginia to Bees Creek and Humpty Doo SchoolsTimetable i408 (48.2 kb)Map 408 (353.4 kb)
408(pm)Humpty Doo Schools and Bees Creek Schools to VirginiaTimetable o408 (37.8 kb)Map 408 (353.4 kb)
409(pm)Bees Creek Primary School and Sattler Christian School to Virginia Timetable o409 (29.8 kb)Map 409 (239.8 kb)
411(pm) Sattler Christian School to Berry Springs Primary SchoolTimetable o411 (34.9 kb)Map 411 (81.2 kb)
413(am)Humpty Doo (Woodlands Estate) to Humpty Doo Schools then Express to Bees Creek SchoolsTimetable i413 (36.7 kb)Map 413 (354.3 kb)
413(pm)Humpty Doo (Woodlands Estate) to Humpty Doo Schools then Express to Bees Creek SchoolsTimetable o413 (47.2 kb)Map 413 (354.3 kb)
417(am)Humpty Doo to Humpty Doo Schools and Taminmin College to Bees Creek Schools - ExpressTimetable i417 (39.4 kb)Map 417 (359.3 kb)
417(pm)Sattler Christian College and Bees Creek Primary School to Humpty Doo Shops and the Pinnaroo and Dawn EstatesTimetable o417 (48.2 kb)Map 417 (359.3 kb)
419a(pm)Bees Creek and Sattler (Litchfield) Christian Schools to Howard SpringsTimetable o419a (35.3 kb)Map 419 (68.2 kb)
467(pm)Sattler Christian College to Noonamah via Bees
Creek Primary School
Timetable o467 (40.3 kb)Map 467 (755.4 kb)

Last updated: 10 July 2019


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