Sacred Heart College (Traeger)

The tables below show available bus routes for Sacred Heart College (Traeger).

Routes of travel include:

  • inbound (i) - the bus is heading towards the school (morning only)
  • outbound (o) - the bus is heading away from the school (afternoon only).


Route Service informationDirectionsMap
i9Dalgety Road to Sacred Heart College (Traeger) - via Gillen InterchangeRoute i9 directions PDF (215.0 KB)Route 9 map PDF (162.8 KB)


Route Service informationDirectionsMap
o9Sacred Heart College (Traeger) to Outer Terminus - via Gillen Interchange and Dalgety RoadRoute o9 directions PDF (214.9 KB)Route 9 map PDF (162.8 KB)
o14Sacred Heart College (Traeger) to Trucking Yards Town Camp - via Gillen Interchange and Bradshaw Primary SchoolRoute o14 directions PDF (218.2 KB)Route 14 map PDF (138.1 KB)

Last updated: 15 July 2021

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